Comprehensive Treatment

Comprehensive orthodontic treatment comprises full treatment once all the permanent teeth are in.  This area of treatment includes treatment for teenages up into adulthood.  The goal of comprehensive treatment is to position all of the teeth in a stable and healthy position.  Tooth alignment can be accomplished at any age, if the gums and bone support for those teeth are healthy.

Comprehensive treatment can improve your personal appearance in addition to improving the health of your gums and teeth. Crooked teeth and poor position of teeth can contribute to gum and bone loss, cavities, and irregular or uneven wear of tooth surfaces.

With the changes in technology, new techniques and appliances can reduce treatment time and discomfort. The options for orthodontic correction include metal braces (traditional), ceramic (clear) braces, Invisalign trays, and invisible braces. The types of orthodontic treatment can range from simply fitting all the existing teeth together or needing room to fit all the teeth together.

Dr. Chen will develop an idealized treatment plan for you during your initial examination. He will outline your treatment plan and provide the amount of time needed to reach both yours and his goals for the perfect smile.

Before Comprehensive Treatment

After Comprehensive Treatment