What to do in case of an orthodontic emergency?

When an orthodontic emergency occurs, please contact us as soon as safely possible. Our office is open Tuesday through Saturday every week to assist you in the event there is an orthodontic emergency. During office hours our staff will try to accommodate you into our schedule to help address your orthodontic emergency. Should an emergency occur not during our office hours, we have an emergency number you can reach to help you with your emergency. Please call our office ahead of time to allow us the time needed to address your concerns.

What happens when a bracket or band is loose?

Broken brackets and bands can occur during your treatment. It is very important to notify us when it does happen, so we can accommodate you into our schedule to take care of the issue. If possible please bring the broken brace or band to your appointment. Please call our staff when this occurs so we can provide you with the best advice in the event you can not come in or to schedule a time for you to come to the office to address the broken brace.

What happens when a wire is poking my cheeks?

As your teeth become straighter, the wire holding your teeth in position may extend beyond your braces. When this happens the wire can cause some irritation to your checks. You can cover the long wire by putting wax or a piece of cotton at the end of it. In some cases you can use a nail clipper to cut the wire shorter, before using the nail clipper you should sterilize it with some alcohol. If you can not resolve the problem please contact us so we can help you.