Your First Visit

Prior to your complimentary orthodontic consultation, please complete our health history and insurance information form (link).

Your initial consultation is an important visit for both you and our staff. Dr. Chen will conduct a thorough clinical examination of your face, mouth, teeth, jaws, and muscles to determine which areas are the focus of your customized treatment. If Dr. Chen determines a need for orthodontic treatment, he will provide a time estimate for treatment, a treatment plan to improve your smile, and his staff will determine the total out of pocket expenses adjusting for your insurance coverage.

After the consultation we will help you set up an appointment to obtain diagnostic records, photos, impressions, and x-rays of your teeth at our office. This step will confirm the treatment plan Dr. Chen previously outlined during your consultation.

Dr. Chen is happy to answer any questions you may have about orthodontic treatment at any appointment. He understands each patient’s needs are different and caters to each patient to ensure their orthodontic experiences are enjoyable.